CloudCity Group is honoured to be able to introduce these incredible talented, creative, wise and knowledgeable women. You are in for a great tour of events & workshops.


Partner of Repose Studio, Colour Therapist, Adult Psychologist & Stress Management Therapist. 



Listening to my"sixth sense" led me to explore different religions, thought systems and idea's that inevitably took me on a pathway of self discovery. In my 30's I thought I had it all out figured out! Turns out I was only touching the surface of our complex, yet simple system of being ourselves. Using different formats I work with groups and individuals who think they have everything but feel they are nothing to bring a healthy balance and harmony.


Owner of Oolong. Yoga, Budokon, Tribal Gathering & Calisthenics Teacher.


My experience of movement and my personal journey towards it and all of it’s directions has changed the course of my life and who I thought I was.  I began as a masseuse, then a yoga teacher and now I am a WOMAN connecting and moving to my natural rhythm which has allowed me to understand I’m not depressed, overwhelmed, struggling or failing in life - I was just moving and creating out of my biological rhythm, my wild woman spirit, the core of who I am.  I am taking back my power and I want to support you into taking back yours.


Director and Founder of 2Evolve Practice 2001 & The Freedom Centre, Hastingwood in 2015. 

BSc (Hons) G.S.R., Dip.Phys.,
MCSP.HPC., ACPEM., RGRT., LFHom(physio), GHR., IDTA.  

Louise specialises in complex conditions of the mind and body, utilising an advanced synergistic approach, drawing on her vast experience with a myriad of therapies to bring a state of balance back to each patient. From working with one to one clients or talking to huge audiences, it has been said that "Louise works miracles".


Author, Artist, Energy Technition & Personal & Corporate Trainer.


Janette is a specialist and consultant in Personal Energy Management. Consultants, Trainers, Practitioners, Politicians, Corporate bodies, and persons from many different spectrums of life around the world seek her Consultancy, Mentorship and Training to hone their own skills. Her in depth technical understanding of the complex workings and nature of people's thoughts, feelings, emotional and physical energy inspires her to share her personal points of view and interpretations. Her detailed feedback regarding the interaction and related repercussive effect of Human Coping, Defence and Survival Mechanisms offers her clients profound insight and recognition to Personal Self management. Maintain a sense of self with different people in different environments. Janette is a pioneer in her field who offers feedback and techniques for enhanced environmental or personal awareness, fitness and wellbeing.


Health Lecturer   

Laura is an experienced Kinesiologist, Nutritionist, Health Lecturer and Podcaster specialising in digestion, hormones and emotional counselling. Her approach is unique and gets results quickly. Each workshop is engaging and inspiring and promises to give you the answers to the symptoms and difficulties you may be experiencing.